The Ramey Legal Group, PLLC understands the business of the energy industry. Our lawyers include certified petroleum landmen, and have worked in-house with major energy and oilfield service companies. The Ramey Legal Group, PLLC attorneys have known the oil business since the early 80’s, and remained in the business through the good times and bad. We have the insight to advise international and domestic energy companies on exploration, distribution and sale matters, running the full range of legal challenges facing the Energy Industry.

On the business side, we handle acquisitions and dispositions of energy companies and their assets, including acquisitions and dispositions of proved and unproved oil and gas properties, natural gas gathering systems, drilling rigs and related equipment. Our lawyers also handle both simple and complex contract matters of all types. We have acted as primary outside counsel for independents in all phases of their operations, including matters relating to permitting, leasing, surface use and damages, title examination, drilling and production agreements, energy loans, and litigation arising from these activities. Our firm has been at the forefront of seminal issues in oil and gas litigation.

We represent major energy and oilfield service companies, as well as mid-caps, independents and startups in a wide variety of disputes and litigation arising from oil and gas leases, geological (including 3d seismic) data acquisition joint ventures, joint operating agreements, joint development agreements, exploration and development agreements, drilling contracts, licensing agreements, onshore and offshore environmental compliance and oil spill issues, and well blowouts. We have successfully counseled clients in comprehensive risk management and crisis response.

Our representation includes pipeline companies covering all aspects of pipeline operations, including condemnations, I.C.A. regulations, Railroad Commission regulations, right-of-way disputes, product liability claims, personal injuries to workers and bystanders, toxic tort claims, claims of ground and water contamination, disputes with contractors and surface owners over construction of pipeline facilities and essentially all disputes that a pipeline operator encounters.

We have represented clients in virtually every segment of the natural resources industry, including:

  • Major Integrated Producers
  • Large, Mid-Size and Small Producers
  • Drilling Contractors
  • Service Companies
  • Major Multinational Resource Companies
  • Major Logistics Companies